These are testimonies from our clients and people who have seen the great work that we are doing to impact lives.
"I first encountered Mercy in the year 2020. She got in touch with my husband and myself via Facebook messenger to offer help to people in need in Bolga where my husband and I are currently serving as resident Ministers for PIWC Bolga.
I can describe the timing of that message as perfect because I had just encountered a set of twins in a town called Bongo whose mother had died through their childbirth. Immediately, these two young boys came to mind and I shared it with Mercy. She, without questioning, further decided to offer help to these babies. She offered to send them a token to help in their upbringing periodically. True to her words, she started and it’s been almost 2 years since Mercy started sending support to these little boys whom she’s never met before aside from seeing pictures of them. Her contribution has been able to cater for the twins and has even been extended to other needy persons up here in the Northern part of Ghana. Mercy has a heart of gold: she's very compassionate and has the heart to always touch the lives of people in need. I believe it's her calling and she's doing it effortlessly. I wish her well in her new found assignment."
Mrs. Grace Kyei Boate
(COP-PIWC, Bolgatanga, Ghana)
"I write this piece on behalf of Miss Elizabeth Ayamdo to say thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity towards her. Miss Elizabeth Ayamdo and her mum were abandoned by her dad several years ago when she was in her early childhood. Her mother single handedly raised her and her elder brother. She lost her mother when she was a teenager. She struggled and with the help of the church at Zorkor completed Senior High School. Due to financial difficulties, she almost lost her dream of becoming a nurse. Thanks to you, Children of the Future Foundation for coming to help Miss Elizabeth Ayamdo to achieve her nursing dream by paying her fees and helping her with personal belongings. We are sincerely grateful. God bless you all!"
Fr. Ezekiel Farouk
(Guardian of Elizabeth A., Ghana)
"As an Assembly man in Juaso, Ghana, I realized the need to enroll the old and young folks in the National Healthcare Insurance Scheme to give them access to healthcare and add value to their health and well-being. My goal was to enroll 100 children who were in need but were not able to afford medical care due to financial challenges. When I reached out to Mercy for support in December of 2020, she didn't hesitate to send money to help me achieve this goal knowing that the well-being of children is her utmost concern. With the support from Mercy, I was able to enroll 35 less privileged children in the National Health Insurance Scheme making access to healthcare affordable for their parents and frequent to the children in any health facility within their jurisdiction. This philanthropic gesture to the children has changed the health statuses of many children from negative to positive, yielding happiness and joy in the lives of the children. We are grateful to Mercy and the Foundation for their support."
Mr. Osborn Agyenim Boateng
Headmaster, Juaso Model JHS, Ghana